Window Screens

The Best in Window Screen Repair

Window screens can become damaged or missing over time, but here at The Screenmobile, we can help. We have been repairing and replacing screens for more than 20 years in Ottawa, Gatineau and the surrounding areas. If you have an issue with your windows, doors or enclosure screens, we can help you by sending a highly trained member of our team to your home to carry out any repairs.

During the summer months, screens are used more than they are at any other time of the year. We all like to keep our windows and doors open while ensuring leaves, debris, rodents and insects stay out. Leaving the windows open lets the air circulate around the home, while also bringing in the occasional much-needed breeze.

Professional Window Screen Repair Service

If your window screen or door screen is in need of a repair, contact us today. Our team of highly trained professionals will work hard to make sure your window screen is working as efficiently as it should be. With more than two decades of experience in the screen repair and replacement industry, we can offer you a highly valued service at a good price.

How Our Window Screen Repair Services Can Help You

When a screen breaks or becomes damaged, it will not work as well as it once did. This means that you could end up having leaves, debris, and even insects and rodents in your home.

 Repair a screen that’s Coming Out of the Frame

Screens can come out of the frame, due to people and pets knocking them, or even falling against them. Heavy objects falling against the screen can also damage it, meaning it will need to be repaired.

We can help by re screening your damaged screen with a new screen mesh and spline. If the screen is damaged elsewhere, we may think that the best solution is to replace the screen completely.

On some occasions, the screen frame may become bent due to the effects of strong winds, or people or animals leaning against the screen. In this case,  it is usually better to completely replace the screen, as it will no longer fit around the frame properly.

Repair a Puncture in the Screen

Screens can quite easily become punctured, especially if they’re old. Screens that contain punctures can often become problematic as the punctures tend to get bigger after a while. This means that no matter how small the puncture is, it will need to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Repair Damage to the Frame

When the frame becomes damaged, we will have to replace the screen as well as the frame. This is because a new frame needs a new screen, as the old screen would have stretched and warped, making it unusable in the new frame.

If there are minor damages to the frame, we may be able to repair that section of the frame. Frames can and do become damaged after time. The good news is that we carry replacement frames and frames.

If you’re looking for window screen repair in Ottawa, Gatineau, and surrounding area please call us today.